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It all started when I was the Vice President of Sales for Lake Systems in Newton, MA. I knew what I liked and disliked out of Reps and Distributors.
“Sense of Urgency” was the key to me selling your product. When an opportunity arose to become a rep for a major manufacturer, I jumped at the
chance and started a rep company.  That evolved with the changing times into a distribution company ten years later.Our line card grew and grew
over the years to include many great manufacturers big and small, including that very first one, Sony. We have been honored to be a part of their success since 1989.
We have assembled an amazing staff who understand that sense of urgency and strive to bring that to every customer, and to every sale.
Most of our employees have been with us for over ten years and really understand what it takes to provide outstanding service to our customers.
We answer every call that comes in. We try to keep up with the latest technology. We appreciate our customers, and our vendors’ faith in us.
Our salesmen, who are spread throughout the country, are all product-knowledgeable, and accessible to their resellers. They all have hobbies in the industry,
and we all have a little fun, while making some money at the same time. We do not sell refrigerators or computers like our competitors.
We are focused, and do not wear too many hats. Life is good.

Thanks for the biz!
Luke Furr, President